Homelessness Response System Dashboard

Homelessness Response System Dashboard

Updated May 2024

This dashboard allows users to explore the Homelessness Response System (HRS) data by viewing and interacting with the content in each section to gain a deeper understanding of the current and historical trends in Austin & Travis County homelessness data. The data sources for the dashboard are:

The dashboard contains data on key performance measures and system flow through the pathways clients take from homelessness to housing. Metrics included in the Dashboard can help answer the following kinds of questions:

  1. What is the current capacity of the system and how has that changed over time?
  2. How many people are moving into Rapid Re-Housing and Permanent Supportive Housing per month and how has that changed over time?
  3. How many people are estimated to be experiencing unsheltered and sheltered homelessness at points in time?
  4. What kinds of programs are people enrolling in?
  5. How do all the above metrics differ by race/ethnicity and household type?

The dashboard is updated monthly. Answers to the above questions can be used to track progress, understand pain points, set continuous improvement goals, and secure additional resources for the HRS.

Not sure where to start? Click here for an intro to navigating the dashboard.