Table of Contents:

How to Navigate the Dashboard

This is the quick navigation page. You may return here at any time by clicking the “Table of Contents” label in the navigation bar at the top of each page.

The top navigation bar is always visible. In addition to returning to this table of contents, you can go to any of the main sections of the dashboard (such as “System Capacity”) by clicking there. The top navigation bar also contains:

  • ECHO’s social media links under the “thumb’s up” icon toward the right (click the icon to expand the menu).
  • Links to the FAQ, Data Requests, and Media Requests sections of the ECHO website under the “envelope” icon toward the right (click the icon to expand the menu).
  • A search box feature that allows you to search for specific content anywhere in the dashboard. Click the magnifying glass icon to open the search box.

This quick navigation page also has an expandable navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page that shows the more detailed contents of each of the sections. Clicking “System Capacity” in this left-hand sidebar will expand the System Capacity contents to let you see what’s on that page, and you can click on a specific element (such as the Organization Capacity Chart) to go directly there.

The left-hand navigation bar will not be present on the dashboard sections. Instead you will see an “On This Page” box on the right side of the page that shows you the contents of that specific section. It will highlight the subsection you’re in, and you can click on other subsections to jump directly there. The “On this Page” box will have a “Toggle Focus Mode” button like the blue and yellow button below, which will take that page into fullscreen mode while you’re viewing it.

At the bottom right of this page you can see there is a forward link that will take you to the next section (“System Capacity”). As you move through the sections of the dashboard you will be able to move forward and back a section at a time with these back/forward navigation links at the bottom left/right of each section.

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